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About Michiel & Dodie Rorick DC, PSc.D

About Houston, TX

Houston Health and Wellness has been in existence since 1986. It was founded by Dr. Michiel Rorick and has continued to grow into the group that it is today. The clinic prides itself in bringing together forward thinking practitioners and innovative methods to insure that patients are always receiving top quality care.

Particularly in Anti-Aging Medicine, it is important to take the time with patients to identify the origin of the health issue and to provide education along with therapies to place control back into the patient’s hands. The practitioner group at Houston Health and Wellness knows that having the ability to perform and participate in a healthy sex life is ultimately important to a man. Enduring erectile dysfunction can affect their confidence and happiness greatly. This is why our entire staff is trained to have the utmost respect for an individual’s confidentiality and level of comfort when working with our office. Having been in practice for so long, we know and believe that no two patients are the same nor are their circumstances.

The Houston Health and Wellness Group’s passion, continuous education and latest procedures and technologies used in the office have made the clinic a highly respected wellness clinic in the greater Houston area. Dr. Rorick makes a point to be engaged in all aspects of the clinic. Therefore, you can be assured that though this is a group practice, you will have the opportunity to discuss things with him personally on your visit in the office.